THINWIN Series Porcelain Tile

Pictures of THINWIN Series Porcelain Tiles
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900×150mm; 900×600mm

Thinwin is one of the 5 kinds of valuable red wood in the world. It is known as its chicken wing like wood grain. KITO THINWIN series porcelain tiles are specially designed with this wood grain, thoroughly and vividly embodying the robustness and dignity of this wood. As ideal choice for kitchen tile and bathroom tile in domestic area as well as wall and floor tiles in shopping mall, this series porcelain tiles bring people endless beauty.

Decorated with this kind of construction and decoration material, both domestic and commercial floor and wall will be more eye-catching while providing great hardness. In addition, full polished finish makes this wood looking tile more elegant and dignified.

Applications of THINWIN Series Porcelain Tiles
Назначение Отделка полов внутри помещений Отделка полов/ступеней снаружи помещений Отделка внутренних стен Отделка наружных стен/фасадов зданий
Domestic purpose
Commercial area
Light commercial
Technical Data of THINWIN Series Porcelain Tiles
Предел прочности при изгибе Минимум≥35
Коэффициент статического трения Dry:0.95 Wet:0.73
Уровень влагопоглощения ≤ 0.5 %
Предел прочности на разрыв ≥ 1300
Данные по упаковке
Size Box Pallet Container
pcs sqm kg box sqm kg box pallet sqm kg
900×150×11.5 8 1.08 28.5 48 51.84 1368 960 20 1036.8 27360
900×600×11.5 3 1.62 43 42 68.04 1806 630 15 1020.6 27090
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